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Bosch Security and Safety Systems | België

In-Store Analytics Merchandising Module

Eenmalig tarief site-installatie

Commercieel type nummer: CBS-INSA-SETUPL | Productnummer: F.01U.349.095
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Verwachte levering:28/11/2017

Belangrijkste specificaties

Peak upstream in Mbit/s 0.22
Average upload in MB per day (24 hrs) 900
Average upload in GB per month 27
Additional upload capacity per site for configuration and maintenance purposes, in Mbit/s 2
Memory Cards Verify which memory cards are supported on the respective camera’s datasheet. For example the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000 MP supports cards from 32GB SDHC to 2TB SDXC . An SD card of Class 6 or higher is recommended for HD recording.
Digital Video Recorders DIVAR IP 2000/6000 DIVAR IP 5000 DIVAR IP 7000 (including Bosch VMS)

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Quantity Component
1 Site setup service for each new store.