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Bosch Video Management System 5.5.5

License Camera/decoder expansion

CTN: MBV-XCHAN-70 | Product No.: F.01U.318.764

Key Specifications

Maximum number of workstations simultaneously viewing the same camera Multicast: 100Unicast: 5
Supported GUI languages English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, and Vietnamese
Event reaction time <1 second, assuming sufficient network bandwidth
Alarm reaction time (incl. 1 live Image pane, 1 instant playback Image pane and 1 map Image pane): Maximum 2 seconds, assuming sufficient network bandwidth
Text data Restrictions for text data written into the Logbook (this applies, if entry is stored only in Logbook, not in recordings): 10*Virtual Input (VI) with length 300 = 3000 characters: 109 items/sec (average)10 * VI data field with length 800 = 8000 characters: 22 items/sec (average)10 * VI data field with length 30 = 300 characters: 500 items/sec (average)(item = data input event) Restrictions for text data written into recordings: Bosch VMS can only process up to 3200 Bytes (corresponds to about 3200 English characters in Unicode) per event.
Bandwidth requirements for LAN Min. 1 Gbps for connections between: Operator Client and Management Server Operator Client and VRM/DiBos Management Server and NVR/VRM/DiBos
Bandwidth requirements for remote access >= 300kbps
Hardware transcoder Hardware transcoder VIP-XTCXF-INT or VJT-XTCXF must be configured in VRM, refer to VRM documentation. Hardware transcoding only applicable for VRM connected BVIP cameras. For transcoding live streams it is not required that the respective camera is recording.
Required open ports See Online Help or Manual for Configuration Client, chapter on used ports.
Maximum number of sustained events For highest performance server: 500 events/s with Logbook 1000 events/s without Logbook 5000 events/s at peaks (within 60 minutes) with Logbook 500 events/s from ONVIF cameras
Logbook Supported by SQL Server 2014 Express (64-bit version) 4 GB Logbook size
Maximum number of Task Schedules 200
Management Server Redundancy (VMware) Available with VMware HA. Please contact Bosch Design Engineer for redundancy solutions.The following software versions are used: ESXi Server 5.1.0 U1 build 1065491 vCenter Server 5.1.0 U1 build 1064983 Required hardware 2x HP ProLiant DL380 PCs with 8 GB RAM and 1x 4-port NIC (one DLxxx for each ESXi server). 1x HP ProLiant DL380 PC with 8 GB RAM (for Control computer with monitoring) Not necessary if Control computer is installed on ESXi server as virtual machine. Note: For configuration, only a workstation is required. 1x Bosch DSA E-Series. For use with VMware you must install the default NetApp firmware on a DSA E-Series device. The firmware and the manual are available in the Product Catalog of Bosch VMS (Software & Support). Required VMware licenses/Windows licenses 1x VCS-FND-C VMware vCenter Server 5 Foundation for vSphere up to maximum 3 hosts. SNS is required. 1x VCS-FND-G-SSS-C Basic Support/Subscription for vCenter Server 5 Foundation for vSphere for 1 year. 2x VS4-ADV-C VMware vSphere 5 Advanced for 1 processor (maximum 12 cores per processor). SNS is required. Included: vShield Zones, Data Recovery, Fault Tolerance, Hot Add, vMotion, Thin Provisioning, High Availability, Update Manager, VCB / Storage APIs, VC Agent, 4-way vSMP, VMware ESXi or VMware ESX, 12 Physical Cores/CPU, 256GB Physical Memory. 2x VS4-ADV-G-SSS-C Basic Support/Subscription for VMware vSphere. Advanced for 1 processor for 1 year. If current hardware is used, the following licenses must be ordered additionally: 1x Windows license for: Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 Bit) for control computer and ESXi server. 3x licenses for 2nd CPU
Management Server Disaster Recovery (Hyper-V Replica) Hyper-V from Microsoft OS requirement: Windows Server 2012 SR2 (64-bit) Minimum hardware requirements:2 HP ProLiant DL380 PCs with 16 GB RAM and 1x 4-port NIC, 200 GB hard disk
Management Server High Availability (Hyper-V Failover Cluster and Starwind) Hyper-V from Microsoft; OS requirement:Windows Server 2012 SR2 (64-bit) with Domain Controller for HA Minimum hardware requirements:2 HP ProLiant DL380 PCs with 16 GB RAM and 1x 4-port NIC Shared storage for HA: Tested with NetApp DSA E-Series 2600 with 2 controllers
Version 3.60Previous versions are not supported.
Maximum count of VRM servers per Management Server 125 (maximum 2000 Cameras in total)
Maximum data rate per iSCSI Please contact Bosch Design Engineer for iSCSI storage solutions.
Max. number of playback sessions 64
Operating System Windows 8.1 (64-bit, Professional or Enterprise)Windows 10 (64-bit, Professional or Enterprise, patched with Anniversary Update)We recommend installing Internet Explorer 11.

Parts included with this product

Quantity Component
1 Software license: 1 Channel Expansion
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