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Intelligent Insights

License Dashboard expansion

CTN: IGI-DASH | Product No.: F.01U.384.691
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Expected delivery:28/11/2017

Key Specifications

Operating system Windows 10 Enterprise 1909 Windows 10 Pro 1909 Windows 10 Pro for Workstation 1909 Windows Server 2016 1607
CPU Intel Core i7 4770 3.4 GHz (up to 3.9 GHz) Support of CPU virtualization
RAM Minimum 16 GB
Free disk space Minimum 20 GB Note: Minimum 10 GB free disk space must be available after installation.
Network card 1000Base-T
Recommended web browser Google Chrome
Supported devices Bosch Video IP cameras / encoders with Essential and Intelligent Video Analytics
Supported camera firmware version 7.60 or later
Maximum number of IP cameras 64
Maximum number of data sources, for example counters or crowd fields 352
Maximum peak counter or crowd events for 64 cameras 4224 events / minute 70,4 events / second Note: maximum number of events for all cameras
Maximum number of objects in object position widget 50 Note: using the Google Chrome browser
Maximum number of data inputs per counting or crowd use case 30
Maximum number of cameras per object position use case 16
Maximum number of widgets per dashboard 16
Maximum number of parallel visible dashboards per client 1
Maximum number of parallel clients showing dashboards 5
File format for maps Bmp, gif, jpg, png, tif

Parts included with this product

Quantity Component
1 Software license: Dashboard expansion
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