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Bosch Security and Safety Systems | China


LBC2900/xx Unidirectional handheld microphone

LBC2900/xx Unidirectional handheld microphone

Dynamic microphone, 6.3mm jack

CTN LBC2900/15
Product No. F.01U.507.009

LBC2900/xx Unidirectional handheld microphone

Dynamic microphone, XLR

CTN LBC2900/20
Product No. F.01U.507.010

Microphone clamp

CTN LBC1215/01
Product No. F.01U.507.017

Universal spring-loaded microphone holder, friction angular adjustment, matt black, screws onto a 3/8", 1/2", or 5/8" Whitworth thread, holds microphone stem with 19 to 32 mm diameter.

Microphone floorstand

CTN LBC1221/01
Product No. F.01U.507.018

Microphone floor stand, three folding legs, matt black, adjustable length from 850 to 1600 mm (2.79 to 5.25 ft) with twist clamp, threaded connector 3/8" Whitworth.

Microphone table stand

CTN LBC1227/01
Product No. F.01U.007.613

Table microphone stand, matt black, heavy round cast-iron base, 130 mm (5.12 in) diameter with shock-absorbing rubber insert under surface, with 3/8” Whitworth stud.

Adjustable boom

CTN LBC1226/01
Product No. F.01U.507.019

Microphone boom arm, matt black, maximum reach 670 mm (2.12 ft), length 840 mm (2.76 ft), fits onto 3/8' Whitworth threaded microphone stands.

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