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Bosch Security and Safety Systems North America


Contactless MIFARE Identification Cards

Contactless MIFARE Identification Cards

Card, MIFAREclassic, 1kB, 50pcs

Commercial Type No. ACD-MFC-ISO
Product No. F.01U.218.378

Contactless MIFARE Identification Cards

Card, MIFARE EV1, 8kB, 50pcs

Commercial Type No. ACD-EV1-ISO
Product No. F.01U.218.412

Dimensions 85.7 x 54 x 0.76 mm
Chip Write Endurance 100,000
Coding Card number (unique) System Bosch ST Coding Chip number (unique) Customer code 9000 Country code 0 Version 0
Encryption AES 128 bit
Transmission frequency 13.56 MHz
Data preservation 10 years
Transaction times < 100 ms

Card container with yoyo, ISO, 10pcs

Commercial Type No. ACX-JOJCON01
Product No. F.01U.218.418

Card container, clear plastic housing, with jojo clip. Packing information: 10 / each unit

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