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Bosch Security and Safety Systems | North America

DCN‑EPS Extension Power Supply

System expansion unit

Commercial Product No.: DCN-EPS | Product No.: F.01U.135.362
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Expected delivery:28/11/2017

Key Specifications

Supply voltage 105, 115, 125, 220, 230, 240 Vac., 50/60 H z (230 V on delivery)
Power consumption 350 W
DCN system supply 40 VDC, max 85W per DCN socket
Mounting Free-standing on a table-top or mounted in a 19" rack unit(requires 2U, _19” width)
Dimensions(H x W x D) 100 x 220 x 308 mm (3.9 x 8.7 x 12.1 in)
Weight 8.3 kg (18.3 lbs)
Color cabinet Light gray (PH 10709)
Color handles Dark gray (PH 10711)

12mths wrty ext DC expansion unit

Product No. F.01U.348.732

12 months warranty extension

Parts included with this product

Quantity Component
1 DCN-EPS Extension Power Supply
1 Power cord 1.7 m (66.9 in)

Title Type Language
Declaration of Conformity (DECL EC DCN-EPS)