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Bosch Security and Safety Systems | North America

Spare glass

Commercial Product No.: FMC-SPGL-DEIL | Product No.: F.01U.025.845
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Expected delivery:28/11/2017

Key Specifications

Auxiliary current (mA) 0 mA
Current consumption (mA) 0 mA
Current consumption on conventional line (mA) 0 mA
Current consumption on NAC line (mA) 0 mA
Current consumption on rail (mA) 0 mA
Detection points 0
LSN current consumption (mA) 0 mA
Maximum input power (mW) 0 mW
Maximum input voltage (V) 0 V
Maximum output power (mW) 0 mW
Maximum output voltage (V) 0 V
Minimum load resistance (Ω) 0 Ω
Power dissipation (W) 0 W
Weight (g) 13 g

Parts included with this product

Quantity Component
5 glass pane

Title Type Language
Datasheet (Conventional Manual Call Points for Ex Areas)