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Supervision board bracket

Commercial Product No.: LBB4446/00 | Product No.: F.01U.513.855
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Loudspeaker supervision board

CTN LBB4441/00
Product No. F.01U.513.868

Loudspeaker supervision slave PCB for mounting on a loudspeaker, operates with LBB4440/00 for monitoring the integrity of the loudspeaker.

End-of-line supervision set

CTN LBB4442/00
Product No. F.01U.074.440

Master and slave PCB for supervising a single loudspeaker line. The master is mounted in a Praesideo network connected power amplifier (one per channel); the slave is connected at the end of the loudspeaker line.

End-of-line supervision board

CTN LBB4443/00
Product No. F.01U.513.884

Line supervision slave PCB for connecting to the end of a loudspeaker line or the end of a spur, operates with LBB4440/00 to monitor the integrity of the line.

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